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I have been designing, managing, promoting, and optimizing websites for search engines since the mid-1990s, limited by a full time career elsewhere.

I started my first basic website in 1994 as a way of providing resources for my clients and promoting my offline business. From a small static site, Psychlinks.ca grew quickly to a multi-page site of mental health resources, and soon added an active forum, blog (currently dormant), and a directory of medical and mental health resources (since closed).

In addition to my own sites, I served as a moderator and administrator at several other online forums, most recently the Local Search Forum and BizWarriors Small Business and Entrepreneur Forum. With all of these ventures, I have been involved in a design and customization role as well as administrator and technical support for the WordPress, vBulletin, and Xenforo components.

Today, with the increasing growth of local search and mobile search, it has become even more important for all businesses, especially local small businesses, to have an internet presence that displays and interacts well with clients and customers whether they are using a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone. Thus in recent years, the additional challenge for local businesses has been to create sites with  responsive design (mobile ready website design) and to optimize those sites for Google and Bing Local Search.

Additionally, with today’s internet, it essential that websites be kept up to date and current with fixes for security vulnerabilities that become known and exploited. This is not only important for the trust of customers and clients but also to prevent hacking by miscreants who may damage your personal and business reputation by using your site to send out hundreds or thousands of spam emails, or worse to replace your site with something unsavory. That is the part I call website management: Keeping up to date and on top of any threats to your website as they arise and ensuring that they are promptly fixed.

Why are Psychlinks Web Services so low?

There are a few reasons:

  1. I am a one man sole owner, so there are no employees to pay.
  2. I  work out of a dedicated home office. As a result there is no overhead to pay in terms of office space utilities (e.g., no extra heating or electric bills to pay.
  3. If face to face meetings are required, we can make it over Zoom or  a similar remote meeting utility of your choice.
  4. I’m not greedy, I specialize in small business and charity sites and I know that small businesses often cannot afford the prevailing higher prices advertised by larger companies.
  5. This makes it possible to create sites for you in the range of $300 to $1500 depending on the complexity of your desired website: Larger companies would start at my most expensive prices and work up from there for adding features.
  6. I also offer fully managed hosting or I can recommend other hosting to you if you prefer.


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