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What is the Proper Order for Updating WordPress?

should you update wordpress or plugins first
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Should I Update WordPress or Plugins First? (Proper Update Order)
September 7, 2022

Often beginners don’t install updates because they are afraid of breaking their site. Updating your WordPress site in the correct order will help you prevent common errors and troubleshoot more easily.  This article outlines the proper order for updating WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

It’s important to always use the latest version of WordPress. This will make sure your website has the latest security patches, newest features, and the best speed and performance.

Unfortunately, on rare occasions, updating WordPress or a plugin can break your website. This can happen if there’s a bug in the code or if the update introduces some kind of conflict with a theme or plugin.

That’s why we always recommend that you create a complete WordPress backup before performing any updates. You can also create a staging site where you can test the updates and catch any errors without risking your live website.

It’s also helpful to use the proper WordPress update order. You may be wondering whether it’s best to update WordPress core or your plugins first.

Our expert team recommends updating WordPress in this order:

  1. First, update WordPress core
  2. Then update your plugins
  3. Finally, update your theme last

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