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High Resource use with Adobe Acrobat Reader: A Solution

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I have been experiencing slow downs on my desktop computer for a while now. I tried troubleshooting wizards and other things to no avail Then I came across this article discussing high resource use by Acrobat Reader even while inactive: Adobe RdrCEF.exe High CPU usage on Windows 11/10.

I tried the fixes suggested in that article and nothing changed. I vaguely having a similar problem maybe 8-10 years ago and switched PDF readers so I finally decided to use the solution I used back then. In my experience, Adobe products have always been resource hogs.

  1. Uninstall Adobe Acrobat completely.
  2. Install Foxit Reader (free version).

Et voila! Slowdowns gone immediately.

Definitely worth trying if your seeing high resource usage or slow downs and you have Adobe Acrobat installed. As always, YMMV.

Full disclosure: I do not have any business or financial links at all to Foxit Reader. I simply found it better the last time Adobe was causing problems and I thought my solution might help others.

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