Privacy Policy

Psychlinks fully respects and supports your right to online privacy and informed consent. Unless you choose to send email, we do not have access to any identifying information about any visitor to the web site. We do not collect any private, personally identifiable information about you surreptitiously. No personal information whatsoever is required or requested in order for you to access the information and services on this site. You may access this site in total anonymity if you wish.

If you do choose at any time to send your email address or any other personal information via email or otherwise, be assured that this information will never be given out, sold to advertisers, or used for any purpose other than what you intend. No one associated with Psychlinks will ever contact you by any means, including email, except to respond to a question, a suggestion, or a problem initiated by you with this website or your website, and any such responses will be limited strictly to responding to your comments or questions.

If, at any time in the future, any of the current privacy policies should change, you will be clearly and openly informed of any information being requested and the intrusiveness of any such information will be kept to an absolute minimum.