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Upgrading to Windows 10

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Windows 10I started off upgrading just one laptop this past weekend, figuring if I ran into problems it was not essential and any downtime would be inconvenient but not mission critical.

However, the upgrade went so smoothly that I went back the next day and upgraded my desktop and my wife’s laptop.

There were a few glitches… On the first laptop, Outlook stopped working with an error message to the effect that I didn’t have permission to access the Outlook mailstore. I fixed that (a permissions issue) fairly quickly. I think the cause was that for the first upgrade, my laptop, it was a password protected laptop and Windows 10 encouraged me to switch that login in to my Microsoft login. I didn’t have that problem on the desktop or the other laptop because they weren’t password protected to begin with and I ignored the Windows 10 recommendation to use my Microsoft login.

On the desktop, Outlook has twice silently refused to open links in Firefox. That’s another quick fix too… apparently this is a glitch that plagued some Windows 8.x installations as well and there is a Microsoft Fix-It that will automatically fix the issue for you using some registry entry repairs. It does require a reboot and in the process sets the default browser back to Windows Edge but that too is easily fixed by loading Firefox and responding yes to the query to make it my default browser.

Yesterday, there was an automatic update from Windows 10 fixing various bugs, although I don’t know specifically what they were.

Overall, though, despite the little glitches, I have to say this was an easy upgrade.

If you have already upgraded, what was your experience?

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