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Chrome and Firefox Extensions Alert You to Stolen Passwords

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With new stories about hacked websites and stolen passwords emerging almost daily, here are some new browser tools that alert you if you sign in anywhere using a password that has been breached.

Here’s How To Find Out If Your Password Has Been Stolen By Hackers
By Robin Andrews, IFLScience.com
May 27, 2018

As noted, PassProtect is currently available as an extension for Chrome only, although they say a version for Firefox is in the works.

In the meantime, if you are a Firefox user, you can try a similar add-on called Prevent Pwned Passwords.

I installed the Prevent Pwned Passwords extension on Firefox on May 28 and it has already alerted me to four breached passwords that I didn’t know about. One was my go-to throw-away password for low-security sites that I don’t care about but two of them were actually passwords I have used on more significant sites. Needless to say, I changed those passwords immediately.

(I also installed PassProtect on Chrome since I use that occasionally as a backup and for testing websites.)

I strongly urge you to install one or both of these extensions now. You might be (unpleasantly) surprised by what they reveal.

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