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Clickable phone numbers on smart phones

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SmartphonesAutomatically make phone numbers clickable on smart phones and tablets

I just came a cross a plugin for WordPress sites called WP Phone Number.

This is a simple but ingenious little plugin that does what it says it can do without any fuss or fanfare.

There are no settings for this plugin. Simply install and activate the plugin and it automatically turns any telephone numbers on your WordPress site into clickable call links!

And the beauty of this plugin is it only does this on smart phones or tablets!

Nothing changes for anyone visiting your site from a desktop computer or laptop. They won’t see anything different. But those viewing from a smart phone or tablet will see a clickable link. Tapping on that link will automatically dial the phone number and bring up a little message box indicating that’s what it’s doing – with an option to cancel if this action was triggered unintentionally.

Beauty! You have to love little tech gems like this.


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