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Customers avoid businesses with poor mobile websites

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From a recent post by LSA Insider, 57% Unlikely to Buy Online from Biz with Poor Mobile Experience:

Studies continue to show that poor mobile experiences result in businesses and brands being overlooked by customers.

According to a new study, 57% of consumers said they were not likely to buy online from a non-mobile friendly local business site. This applies equally to national brands as well.

While the finding is logical as it relates to ecommerce, it’s a stand-in for a broader proposition: not delivering good digital/online experiences will result in a loss of good will and purchases of local consumers.

For small business owners, this underscores the fact that you not only need to be online to be found by potential customers or clients, but that your website needs to be responsive, i.e., fully accessible and user-friendly when viewed with a tablet or smart phone.

Indeed, with the increasing emphasis on mobile-friendly websites by Google and other search engines, customers trying to find products or services may not even see your business in search listings if it’s not responsive.

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