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No Business Is Too Small to Have a Website

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From Why No Business Is Too Small to Have a Website:

The average Canadian spends 45 hours online per month, more than any other nation and almost double the global average…

Not only do we love shopping online, but many Canadians also rely on the web to research and to compare products and prices before purchasing…

But what about Canadian businesses? It turns out… that over 40% of Canadian small businesses still did not have a website… This not only puts your brand and reputation at risk, but puts your business at a competitive disadvantage….

Why is it that in 2016, a year in which we all walk around with smartphones in our pockets, are constantly looking for a Wi-Fi network, and turn to Google with every question we have, does a business not have a website?

Among the expected responses of “I don’t have the time”, “it’s too expensive”, and “it’s beyond my technical expertise” (all of which are common misconceptions), 35% of respondents reported that the reason that they didn’t have a website was that they were simply too small.

Why No Business Is Too Small to Have a Website

  1. You can protect and build your brand online
  2. Your customers are online
  3. It gives your business a competitive advantage
  4. It doesn’t have to be expensive

Read the full article at Why No Business Is Too Small to Have a Website.

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