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Security and Your Small Business Website

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A recent article by Megan Totka talks about the increasing targeting of small businesses in cyberattacks.

When we think of cyber attacks, our minds often jump to major corporations, millions of dollars, and large scale media scandals. However, experts are saying that small businesses are increasingly at risk for data breaches and other cyber threats.


In 2012, a report from Symantic Security Response found that attacks on small businesses had risen 300 percent over the previous year. That number has been on the rise ever since.

The reason cyber attackers target small businesses is simple: it’s easier. They’re often less secure, with a smaller security budget, and the mindset that they’re too insignificant to attract attention. Given that most attacks are fully automated, these attackers can make it through a small business’s defenses much faster than they can a larger corporation, allowing them to target more companies in a shorter period of time.

Unfortunately, the negative impact on small businesses may also be disproportionately higher. They often face a loss of public trust as well as a significant financial loss, which can be crippling to many businesses of this size.

That’s precisely why today it is so important to build your small business website with security in mind and to ensure that your website is kept up to date to plug any security vulnerabilities that may arise in the future.

All of the website designed by Psychlinks include site security as a top priority. For a free quote on creating a secure website and/or maintaining an existing website, please contact us today!

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  1. This is true! Attackers think it is easier to crack smaller businesses and in my opinion, that’s because people aren’t aware of danger or they just simply don’t know enough how to protect their online presence. Great post you shared David! Many thanks! 🙂

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