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Your Small Business in the COVID-19 Crisis: Psychlinks Web Services Can Help

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These days, with the current COVID-19 lockdowns in most parts of the world, both small local retail businesses and large corporate retail chains are seeing major drops in income and having great difficulty keeping afloat. Some business owners complain that they aren’t likely to survive if the situation continues for even a few more months.

On the other hand, some are managing the crisis better by getting creative with how they do business in these changed circumstances and, as discussed in a recent CBC News article (Shop owners frantically launch online stores to stay open during pandemic), one way to do that is to expand your business from strictly brick-and-mortar to the internet.

It has been increasingly important for several years for local small businesses to have an online presence. Now it is more important than ever.

As one business owner said in the CBC article, “Really, if you’re not online, you’re not making any money”.

This may seem like a daunting process to many small business owners, especially in a time of reduced revenues.

This is where Psychlinks Web Services can help.

First, we can do all of the work for you:

  1. We obtain and register an appropriate domain name for your online business (e.g., YourBusiness.com).
  2. We create an attractive, functional, and fully responsive website viewable on any device from a smartphone to a widescreen desktop computer.
  3. We provide fully managed secure hosting for your new website with free hosting for the first six months.
  4. We will set up Google services for your business, including a Google Maps listing and a Google My Business page as well as tracking statistics for activity on your new website.
  5. We will ensure that your new website is optimized for Google Search and Local Search.
  6. In most cases, we can have your new website up and running withing a few days to a week,

And now we are offering special pricing for local small business owners, with discounts of up to 20% depending on the complexity of your website. For example, a basic website can be created for about $500; with the discount that could be $400.

In addition, we are now offering individualized payment plans to suit your circumstances so that you don’t need to come up with the full cost up front.

Contact us today for a free quote.

We promise not to nag you with sales calls or emails. If you decide this isn’t viable for you right now, we will absolutely respect that.

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