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Why Now Is the Right Time to Increase Your Web Presence

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out this article from Mordy Oberstein at Wix, posting in the GatherUp blog:

Why Now Is the Right Time for a Local Business to Increase Their Web Presence

by Mordy Oberstein, posted at GatherUp
May 6, 2021

Since COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic in March 2020, the number of new websites being created has reached new heights. That makes obvious sense. Physical stores were impeded by lockdowns and businesses had to turn to the digital world to sell their products and services. So, now must be the right time to kick your digital presence into high gear, right?

True, but let’s leave all of that aside for the moment. I think there are more fundamental reasons to seriously consider focusing on your online presence.

Why? Because having a strong online presence is more accessible than ever.

The Value a Website Can Bring to Your Business

Your online presence begins with your website. There are two main reasons why you should absolutely invest in a website. A website brings both:

  1. Discoverability, and
  2. Added value to your customers.

Discoverability is pretty straightforward. By having a website with content that is relevant to your audience, search engines will show your URLs among their search results. …. A website that’s discoverable on search engines is a powerful way to bring in new customers.

Beyond being “findable”, having a website is a powerful ally in serving the needs of customers – whether they currently visit your brick-and-mortar location or have found your site on social media, Google, etc.

Fundamentally, a website enables you to communicate with your customers and offer them relevant information that supports their purchase.

This can be information around:

  • Buying tips and product/service education
  • How to schedule appointments
  • Company updates & changes
  • Product or service updates
  • Temporary interruptions in service
  • Buying options
  • Shipping and pickup
  • Returns and exchanges

The list could really go on as it all depends on your circumstances. The point is, having a website gives you the power to support & encourage sales with relevant and timely information.

At no time was having timely information up on your site more relevant than during COVID-19, which makes it a perfect example. The pandemic forces business to make quick and ever-changing adjustments. Having a website where you could present the customer with highly relevant information is a powerful ally in such a scenario.

By having a site during the pandemic a business could:

  • Quickly update their hours when lockdowns went into effect
  • Inform consumers of changes in shipping options
  • Let consumers know curbside pickup is available
  • Present information around mask policies and the like

The truth is, there is so much information that someone who is familiar with their own business might take for granted.

Including even the simplest information on your site could pay huge dividends. Think about someone who comes to your site, sees the products you offer, but wants to come to one of your stores to check it out in person.

You want to help them find your locations as quickly as possible. Including a Google Map on the page would help drive that sale.

Think of your site as a device customers can use to find you. Use your website as a gateway that enables users to interact with you by having a site that includes (when applicable):

  • Maps with your location(s)
  • Chat boxes
  • Forums
  • Links to social media
  • Sign-ups to newsletters

Offering avenues of connection makes your business feel more accessible and removes some of the apprehension that comes with making a purchase. After all, if your business is not accessible, how comfortable and likely would a customer be to open their wallets and buy something from you?

Read much more of this article at Gatherup…

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  • connecting to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • optional hosting or recommendations for hosting depending on the nature of your business and the type of internet presence you desire for your business.

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To that end, Psychlinks Web Services optionally offers

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