How to Find a Direct Link for Customers to Leave a Google Review

It is often helpful to post a link in emails or on a small business website for customers or clients to post a review on Google Reviews.

If you have enabled the new Google Short Name for your business/website in Google My Business (GMB), you don’t need the rest of this post: you can get the link right there in your GMB dashboard. It will look something like this:

If you don’t have a GMB account set up, or for some reason you havben’t set up a Google Short Name, here’s how to get a direct link to leave a review for your business:

Go to

Google Placeid

Google Placeid


Enter the name of your business and you’ll get a dropdown to confirm the location (or I think you can use the address as well). Press enter and you’ll get a popup with the the placeid, which will be a long string of letters and numbers looking something like this:


Simple copy that placeid and append it to the end of the following URL:

That’s your direct link to leave a Google Review for your business.

Unfortunately, this method does not seem to work for a Service Area Business (SAB) or a business which is not yet on Google Maps.

For that, there’s a bit of a convoluted work around outlined here:

Can’t Find Your Google Places ID? Learn The Trick To Find Any Place ID – Launch 2 Success


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