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Using Events and Wacky Holidays to Attract Customers

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Use Events and Wacky Holidays to Attract New and Returning Customers
by Dan Magill, Woocommerce Blog
June 27, 2019

Open Quote LargeWacky Holidays and Months

Looking for something to say in the next few months to boost your eCommerce marketing? Find a weird holiday that can connect to your business in some way. Sure, you can go after major holidays like Labor Day and July 4th in the US, or back to school week. And you probably should.

But what about July 6th – International Kissing Day? Or how about these:

  • July 2nd – World UFO Day
  • July 7th – Tell the Truth Day
  • July 12th – Simplicity Day
  • July 28th – Milk Chocolate Day

If July is too soon for your planning, here are some great ones in August:

  • Aug 2nd – International Beer Day
  • Aug 13th – Left Handers Day
  • Aug 21st – Spumoni Day
  • Aug 31st – Eat Outside Day

July is also Ice Cream Month. And, if you’re in finance, July is Bank Account Bonus Month.

Have a salon business? August is Anti-Frizz Month. It’s also Peach Month and Inventor’s Month.

Where to Find Weird Holidays and Months

So many goofy months and holidays exist these days – you’re sure to find several creative ways to capitalize on them. You can find complete lists of wacky holidays on Days of the Year and Time and DateClose Quote Large


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