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How Independent Contractors can Help Your Small Business

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An interesting article discussing some of the reasons small business are reluctant to hire independent contractors (freelancers) and debunking some of the myths that are barriers to hiring a freelancer.

The Truth About Hiring and Managing Independent Contractors in Your Business
by Rieva Lesonsky, AllBusiness.com
Sept. 1, 2017

A recent poll of over 2,200 small businesses conducted by Manta finds that few small business owners are taking part in the “gig economy” trend. Instead, the majority would rather hire permanent, salaried employees… Here are some myths and realities about hiring independent contractors that you should understand.

Myth: You can’t control independent contractors.

Reality: You can’t micromanage independent contractors—that much is true… However, providing detailed explanations of what you want from the freelancer, combined with explicit contracts laying out your expectations, will help ensure you get the desired results from the independent contractor’s work.

Myth: Managing independent contractors will take up too much of your time.

Reality: Independent contractors skilled in their fields often have decades of experience, which means they can typically hit the ground running… you won’t have to train them from the ground up as you might with entry-level permanent employees.

Myth: Independent contractors are too expensive.

Reality: One of the biggest advantages of hiring independent contractors is that you can find them at a wide range of price levels. Of course, the adage that you get what you pay for is also true… However, because independent contractors can laser-focus on your project without the distractions of the typical workplace, they’re likely to get things done more efficiently and effectively than many employees.

Myth: Your employees won’t like working with independent contractors.

Reality: Incorporating independent contractors alongside employees is standard practice in many industries. In fact, your employees are likely to welcome freelancers who can take time-consuming tasks off their plates.

Myth: Why should I bother working with an independent contractor? They’re just going to leave.

Reality: When you find a freelancer who understands and can deliver what you want, it’s often the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Many business owners work with the same independent contractors over and over again for years or even decades. In fact, building a “stable” of regular freelancers that you can rely on can help your business through ups and downs.

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